Augmented and Immersive Reality

What we can do for you


Immersive Environments

Explore virtual environments faithfully reproduced, designed and implemented. Interact with exciting effects ("Cave", "Window"), through the use of infrared and biometric sensors. The immersion will be total, and will be possible without anything to wear.

Augmented Reality

See through the things. Amplify the reality using your smartphone, you can find out something else. With a specific mobile app discover a lot of virtual interactive 3d animation link to the real world.




Device for virtual and immersive reality, thanks to which, by downloading a mobile app containing 3D scenarios totally customizable, and fixing some objects within the same scenario, it's possible to discover unprecedented opportunities for interaction. The most important component of the device is represented by the same user's smartphone, and experience will be engaging, without any visual fatigue, and without straining arms.

Multi senses integration

WALL-T allows the enhancement of perception through the integration of all our senses, reproducing immersive scenarios in specific contexts.



Balance Board

Device used for recreation, balance and athletic training, brain development, therapy, musical training and other kinds of personal development. It fits also very much for rehabilitation after injuries to several parts of the body, as well as improving motor coordination skills, weight distribution and core strength. We suggest its use for immersive exercises inside 3D virtual and interactive environments..

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