What we can do for you


3D Holographic Pyramid

A showcase that can't go unnoticed, Wall-T Pyramid is able to make the difference, especially in contexts such as exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and shops. We can reconstruct any object in 3D with customizable size, and thanks to biometric sensors you can manipulate the object, without any wearable technology.

Holographic Screens

Screens in which it is possible to integrate and manipulate any type of content. The personalization is total, both for the types of content and for the mode of interaction. The effect, through the use of infrared and biometric sensors that follow user's movements, will be surprising and engaging.



Holographic Showcases

WALL-T allows you to turn the window of your store in a projectable and touch sensitive surface . Through a total and complete customization, this window becomes a technologic component to interact and browse the contents: catalogue of products, prices, reservations, and much more ...

Manipulating 3D Objects

Through the use of our platform, users can view a three-dimensional scene and interact with it directly using their own hands, without depending on hardware devices.

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