Cultural Heritage

A Virtual, immersive, appealing look on Art


Wall - T allows the creation of visual and interactive experiences, with innovative models of development and fruition of cultural objects, through the construction of new museum spaces, able in enhancing the cognitive experience in innovative ways.


Thanks to Wall-T frame work virtual visits, through the creation of virtual environments with an high emotional impact in terms of interaction, will be aimed to enhance and promote knowledge and interest towards structures and cultural heritages that people could hardly have access to, since are located outside of their territorial boundaries. Therefore insurance costs will be strongly cut, since objects are no real, but virtual ones.


  • Virtual reconstruction of 3D models for interactive dissemination, achieving educational / cognitive goals, giving to user the chance to relive the reality of the past, being able to interact for the first time with "pieces of history" before relegated to a mere monumental showcase;
  • Immersive support for visitors, with the opportunity to live an experience in places existing in the past, and virtually reconstructed as they were in origin, filling in a "natural" the gap between visual perception and knowledge;
  • Innovative guide that, recognizing user, his movements and his interactions, can give him the opportunity to interact with finds, listening to its description, together with other multimedia contents as well as simple texts.


  • Smart environments, sensors, actuators and poly-sensory spaces;
  • Interactive tables, panels, kiosks and touch sensitive surfaces;
  • Rear and interactive floor projections;
  • Scans and 3D reconstructions for stereoscopic, holographic and immersive projections

3D Immersive Explorations

Villa dei Papiri's 3D Reconstruction

Augmented Reailty in 3D Scenarios

Villa dei Papiri's 3D Reconstruction

Real Objects in 3D Scenarios

Villa dei Papiri's 3D Reconstruction

3D Objects Manipulation

Il Bello o Il Vero Art Exhibit - 2015
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