Interactive and immersive experiences for an exciting learning


Thanks to Wall - T, it’s possible to create immersive learning systems with both scientific and humanistic content. Using biometric sensors, a PC and a projector, also together with a simple Interactive White Board (IWB), we can think over an important transition from simple knowledge transfer to a real learning experience, that results in a more effective understanding of contents, and to a deeper and lasting presence of information in learner’s memory. This implies a wide opportunity to develop new models and learning contents, for example the creation of virtual laboratories for tests and exercises declined for specific subjects, but also spaces in which students and teachers could share ideas, solutions and experiences.


Wall-T framework can be a determining factor in didactics differentiation and qualification, by offering:

  • Improvement in overall learning quality, where the advantages lie in the ability to use different and more effective methods of learning and evaluation;
  • Possibility to manage physical interaction, also remotely, through sensors and actuators.


Wall-T can already offer “ScuoLab”,a wide range of scientific demonstrations and experiences related to physics for primary and secondary schools as the measurement of lengths and volumes with a caliber twentieths, the measure of the masses with the balance in equal plates (taremethod), and many others.

With “ScuoLab” is possible to reconstruct a real physics lab, in order to create an interactive and immersive experience linked to any kind of demonstration.


Physics virtual lab


Immersive 3D Exploration

Studying Volcanic Activity

Immersive 3D Exploration

Studying Solar System
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