Health Care

Innovative applications for new approaches in neuro-psychomotor rehabilitation


Use of augmented and virtual reality applications in healthcare market, favoruring patient's complete immersion (visual, auditory, and interactive), without the use of invasive devices, is expected to grow with an exponential rate in next years. This phenomenon is linked to a new vision of neuro-psychomotory rehabilitation, placed in a fun and enjoyable context, through the creation of immersive exercise models that make lighter and more pleasant that monotony often found in rehabilitation therapies.


On this field Wall-T innovation proposal fits perfectly into perspective market trends direct their attention towards. Wall-T platform is not intended to replace medical expertise, but offers an aid, especially in neuro-motor or neuro-cognitive diseases such as:

  • Autism;
  • Post-trauma and orthopaedic recovery;
  • Recovery from brain injuries or damages to the motor learning and speech mechanism;
  • Handicap and impairments in balance, mobility and locomotion mechanisms;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Stroke.


Proposition of immersive systems in this area has been already accomplished with the production of “RiLab” suite of contents. With the support of an innovative console for the management of patients, therapies archive database and calendar appointments archive database, all easily integrated with centres of rehabilitation’s computer and administrative system, "RiLab" offers exercises placed in 2D/3D virtual and immersive environments (kitchen, games room, piano), projectable on any type of horizontal and vertical surface, thanks to a projector and a PC. Through a system of sensors and actuators integrable, RiLab aims at overcoming either physical-motor injuries, both neuro-motor or neuro-cognitive ones, stimulating operations of matching objects-colors (with or without dragging), pairing-sized objects (with or without dragging) , memory of musical notes , matching locations-objects (with or without dragging) and so on.

This proposal is ideal for several types of users: children who must be stimulated to move being part of a game; seniors or athletes who cannot easily access gym tools, and have to record and monitor their physical activity, their therapeutic path, also in terms of feedback analysis from specialists.


Colours-Objects Matching


Positions-Objects Matching


Training on Balance Board


Notes' Sequence Execution

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