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World of marketing and communication is looking for ideas and suggestions so that it’s possible to intrigue consumers with different approaches. Birth of new technologies that allow for a more direct and personal communication, tastes and needs’ fragmentation, is leading to a revolution in "go to market" approaches. In this scenario, consumer is the protagonist in promoting and selling processes, with his highly emotional buying experiences, and sophisticated sensory involvement.


Thanks to Wall-T applications, it’s possible to create systems ergonomic in their use and with highly emotional impact, so that can be enjoyed both in terms of the powerful vehicle of messages, and as captivating tools for feedback ratings management. This opens new forms of promotion and interaction with goods / services offered, receiving simultaneously feedback on sales trends.


Thanks to a multiplicity of sensors and actuators integrated, so that it’s possible to follow all the movements of the user, Wall-T frame work can make most common surfaces totally interactive. Walls, tables, floors and shwcases can accommodate entire environments and any type of content, with all necessary customization.

Economic benefits for this market affect maximization of return on sales.For example, in marketing campaigns, innovative components can be integratedto make effectiveness of messages to grow, optimizing and reducing market surveys and analysis costs, aimed on monitoring and understanding of tastes, preferences and purchase attitudes of end customer. Amongpossible scenarios, following ones are the most interesting and attractive to end user:

  • Contextual Marketing
  • Shopping assistant
  • Product Testing
  • Reality Experience
  • Market Analysis
  • Viral Marketing
  • Life-size gaming station
  • Urban - gaming

3D Visors

Immersive navigation

In-Stand Immersive Exploration

2014 Naples Confindustria Forum

Life Size Gaming

Beach Soccer

Interactive Showcase

Luxury Objects
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